October 5, 2010

PucesPop 2010 and Much More!

Many things have happened in the world of ZOO BABIES since my last post. This past weekend we attended PucesPop, which is an annual craft/artisan fair held in the trendy Mile-End district in Montreal. This year the show was really fabulous, and we received amazing feedback especially towards our new products. If you have been keeping up-to-date on this blog you will know that this fall we are launching a series of framed prints with fun new characters, which you can somewhat see in the photos above. We decided to pre-launch the products at PucesPop to test the reaction, and guess what?! People loved them! So you can be sure that these will officially be available on our website and possibly in some Montreal stores sometime this month. Keep tuned to our e-newsletter, facebook, twitter or blog for the launch. Above are some not-so-great photos of Puces Pop, but it's the best we could do with the yellow church lighting......

Other than that, we are also slooowly expanding our list of retailers to include FAUN on St. Denis, FAIT ICI on Notre Dame West, and AZA & BELA on Victoria Street in St. Lambert. For the full list of our retailers you can visit our website. After Puces Pop I expect that this list will grow. Let's hope!

In addition, our onesies were featured on SweetSpot.ca, Canadas's online trend-spotting guide. Click here to view the feature.

And lastly! Top secret: watch out for some new ZOO BABIES onesies and baby t-shirts in the near future!

Bye for now!

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  1. Looking magnifique! Wishing you continued success and more cuteness to come!