December 14, 2009

Souk @ Sat 2009 Highlights

My First blog post ever! I'm finally accepting the ways of the new generation.

So, after 4 loooong days, the Souk @ Sat in Montreal came to an end last night. Overall, it was a successful weekend, but extremely exhausting. I did however find out that apparently men are really attracted to our products. I think 80% of our sales were from men. I'm assuming it's because when men look for a baby gift they are more likely to pick up something that they can relate to, and I guess my illustrations have a bit of a Japanese/Gaming influence to them, unlike the more feminine/mommy products out there. Maybe I've found my new market.....

Anyway, here are some photos of our booth, a bit of our area, etc.

After this I'm taking a looong break and focusing on the holidays.