January 29, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I've been doing some new animal explorations for future ZOO BABIES characters. I came up with these characters in the fall and and I thought I should bring them to life and see if they had any potential for future products. I'm thinking they would make great patterns for a mom tote bag or something along that line. I'll be adding new illustrations and ideas periodically to stay in touch with my style and who knows, one day one of these might make it onto a product.

Well, Enjoy!

January 21, 2010

Zoo Babies at BabyBot

It's been a while since my last post. I'm still trying to remember that I need to keep this updated every once in a while :)
But better late, than never.

So, I have some exciting news (although I'm a little bit behind schedule.) After a year of very hard work, a couple of my colleagues have managed to create a fabulous new online retail store for MODERN, SLEEK AND SOPHISTICATED baby products! A BIG HURRAY to them! The store goes by the name of BABY BOT and you can check them out at www.babybot.com.

Even more exciting, ZOO BABIES is one of the many brands featured and sold through their website! Yay! You can find us by searching for Vanja Kragulj under the DESIGNER search or by clicking on PRODUCTS> APPAREL> ONESIES. The site carries our full line of onesies, with hopefully other products added in the future.

At BABY BOT you can search for a product by color, designer, brand and everything in between. But best of all, they have made many great baby and kids products available in Canada, that up till now were only available outside of Canada for a hefty price. So, another HURRAY to them! And.........there's free shipping! Wow!

So, check them out and pass them on to any moms and friends of moms out there.

Until next time....